Jenelle Pifer is an independent audio producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work focuses on telling clear and artful stories that complicate the narratives we have for ourselves and each other.

Currently, she is editor of the Longform podcast, a freelance consultant, and creator of the Question Askers Club, a forthcoming card game and event series. Sign up here to stay tuned.

Previously, she worked for The Moth in a variety of ways, including as producer of its live shows and manager of its workshop program. She continues to contribute as a freelance director for The Moth Mainstage, for which she works with people to identify, craft, and share true stories from their lives on stages around the world. She has directed and produced shows at the Sydney Opera House, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Apollo Theater, among others.

As a consultant, she works with people and companies to tell true stories in a variety of ways. For rates and quotes, contact her below. 

In general, she enjoys when people write like they talk and speak like themselves.

Photo by: Jemma Rose Brown